From April 25 to April 29, 2023, Munich hosted its first Cocktail X Festival, uniting 32 diverse bars in a city-wide celebration. The festival aimed to bring together locals and visitors alike, showcasing the rich variety of Munich's bar scene. A unique aspect of the event was the sale of a booklet, which offered holders a complimentary Petit Cocktail at each participating venue. This was my most extensive freelance project to date, spanning nearly four months under the art direction of Manuel Griestock and spearheaded by Ekkhard Bay and Vincent Kerger, founders of Cocktail X GmbH. The social media campaign was led by Lea Richter, with the key visual captured by Maria Austen and Tanja Hirner as the hand model. My role in this multifaceted project involved collaborating with my art director to define the branding for our social media posts and personally capturing most of the photographs for these posts. This endeavor merged design, branding, photography, and social media management, offering a comprehensive marketing strategy for the festival. I also managed the festival's Instagram account, engaging in community management, conducting various interviews with bartenders, and photographing numerous bars. The booklet, a central piece of the festival's marketing efforts, was designed by Manuel Griestock, further contributing to the event's success and the vibrant showcase of Munich's cocktail culture.

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You can finde more pictures at the instagram of Cocktail X @ cocktailxfestival

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