When I was little I thought I would become a famous animator like Hayao Miyazaki.

Now I've become a designer and bartender. Scroll down to seen my full story.

About me
I'm a designer and illustrator with a passion for bringing ideas to life across various fields including editorial and character design, film storyboarding, and comics. I also dive into photography and manage social media, capturing moments and engaging with audiences online. My love for movies, comics, and books has not only entertained me but educated me on important political, cultural, and economic issues that I had previously overlooked.
Growing up, I was deeply influenced by pop culture, including video games, mangas, and anime from creators like Hayao Miyazaki, Akira Toriyama, and Hideo Kojima. My later studies introduced me to influential designers such as Christoph Niemann and Stefan Sagmeister, whose work continues to inspire me.
When I'm not busy, I love taking photos with my cameras, playing chess, reading comics or books, and hanging out with friends at new cafes and restaurants. I really enjoy having people over, cooking for them, and mixing drinks.
You might be curious about the photo of me in a bar. The story is, during my time at an agency, I fell in love with bartending. This newfound passion took me on an adventure, working as a professional bartender in notable spots like Cafe Kosmos, Ruby Lilly Hotel, Ory Bar at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and Bar Uno. Currently, I'm crafting cocktails at Bar Montez in the Rosewood Hotel Munich, continuing my journey in the world of mixology.
Throughout my journey, my core identity as a designer remained intact, even as I explored the world of bartending. During and shortly after the COVID period, I diversified my design experience, working as a graphic designer for a solar company, taking on the role of Junior Art Director in an advertising agency, and contributing to the Munich Police Department's press office as a designer with a focus on photography and social media. While working as a bartender, I never stopped doing freelance work. This helped keep my passion for design and illustration alive. Balancing these two worlds made me even more excited about my design work, pushing me to dive back into freelancing as a graphic designer, ready and eager for new creative projects.
Discover more about my journey and portfolio in the sections below.

A list how my design life started:

Designschule München
Student - September 2013 - July 2016
My journey through the world of design started at the Designschule in Munich. As students we were taught there in several areas, including design, branding, photography, film and film editing, storyboard as well as figure drawing and web design.

Verlag Werben und Verkaufen
Internship - August 2017 - March 2018
One year after graduating from the Designschule in Munich I started my Internship for the weekly magazine Werben & Verkaufen, a publisher for the communications and media industry.

Serviceplan Group
Trainee Art - April 2018 - August 2018
After 8 months internship at the magazine I started my Traineeship at the german advertising agency Serviceplan Group in Munich with offices worldwide. I worked for clients like Deutsche Bahn, Concorde Filmverleih and Bachmann & Scher as well as RTL2. I worked there for 5 months.

Freelancer & Bartender
September 2018 - February 2020
After I left Serviceplan I turned my hobby into a job as a Bartender. In the beginning at the bar Café Kosmos, later in Nana Meze & Wine, the Ruby Lilly Hotel and the Ory Bar. At the same time I worked as a Freelancer on various projects, many of them in the automotive industry and thus gained experience. I think this time was the most formative in my career so far.

Sungrow EMEA
Graphic Designer- July 2020 - July 2021
Mid 2020 I got the chance to start working as a designer at the PV Company Sungrow. My main tasks were all design decisions for Europe, video content and photography as well as all classic marketing tasks such as online banners and social media content. After working here for 1 year, I decided to change the industry in order to build up my creative portfolio.

Zum goldenen Hirschen
Junior Art Director - August 2021 - February 2022
In August 2021 I started to work in the creative agency zum goldenen Hirschen in Munich. There I work for clients like ALDI, Saturn and MediaMarkt as well as Geers and Payback. 

Pressestelle des Polizeipräsidiums München
Graphic Designer - May 2022 - May 2023
I had the unique opportunity to work at the Munich Police Headquarters' press office as a graphic designer, focusing on photography and social media. For a year, I was privileged to accompany the police during their duties, which included being part of significant events such as the G7 summit, Oktoberfest, and the Security Conference. This experience allowed me to capture and share the critical moments of these events, blending my design skills with real-world actions.

Bar Uno & Freelancer
Bartender & Graphic designer - May 2023 - October 2023
After my time at the Police Headquarters, I chose to work part-time at Bar Uno, allowing me to dedicate more of my energy towards design projects. My aim is to expand my creative portfolio and deepen my knowledge in graphic design and illustration, embracing the freelance path once again with a focus on growth and learning.

Bar Montez & Freelancer
Bartender & Graphic designer - October 2023 - till now
Currently, I'm working at the Rosewood Hotel in the Bar Montez as a bartender, where I'm concentrating on enhancing my mixology skills. At the same time, I occasionally take on freelance work for various projects, balancing my passion for crafting drinks with my dedication to design.​​​​​​

I am a creative person who has always been very curious about anything that had to do with drawing, always looking for new exciting projects. Thank you for your time!
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